In the Lobby

Why are you here?

The main lobby had a large wooden desk in the center of the hall with a stone foundation. Above it was a large glowing light and all around it were circular walls that were linked by vertical windows or wooden doors leading to many different hallways. By each window and each door was a large potted plant with a green stalk that exploded into a multitude of colorful flowers in the large white room.

Catlin walked into the marble floor and closed the door behind me and then she slowly walked over to the white desk. Behind the desk was a beautiful man with blond hair and cold eyes that were lit with green fires. He looked so lovely that I began to wonder if he was a woman as I approached him.

Her heels clicked on the marble and his eyes found her slowly, deliberately. Catlin stopped in front of the desk and looked down at the man.

“Sorry I am late,” Catlin said quietly “I am Catlin Joann and here to see my brother.”

“Can I see your identification?”

Catlin reached into her pocket and took out my driver’s license. She held up my small plastic card as those cold eyes compared her picture to her fleshy face. As the man leaned forward, Catlin noticed he was wearing a name tag that read “Jean Diamond.”

“Alright, everything is in order. Just stay close, it is easy to get lost here,” Diamond said as he stepped out from behind the desk. Diamond was slightly smaller than Catlin and his body seemed to be fragile like he was a porcelain doll with skin that could easily break.

Diamond walked passed Catlin to the hallway that she had just exited and opened those large wooden doors that had captured many starry nights and then he looked back at her.

“Let me take you to your brother.”

They walked back to the star covered doors and Diamond opened the doors and walked over to the metal door with the closed window and opened the door. He looked back at Catlin and pointed inside the dark cell.

“He is here.” Diamond said and then he walked back to his desk without bothering to close the wooden doors behind him.

Catlin trembled as she closed the wooden doors to give herself some time and privacy before she went into the dark cell.


Catlin closed the doors and she turned back to face the sound and after taking a deep breath she walked inside the dark cell.

Something things are not meant to be known.

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©Missy Wong

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