I could feel the heat of the fire on my back as I kneeled in the winter’s snow holding the burnt-out match. The pine trees waved in the winter wind as I stared at it black, wooden head. Holding the match in my trembling gloved hands, I tried to uncover why it lay before an eternal fire.

The eternal flame was lit tonight, I realized as I walked to the door, the flames’ sparks caught on my gown. I grabbed the burning doorknob with my left hand. The heat burned through my glove and into my bones. I opened the door and tore my ruined flesh away from the fire before I eased the pain with the unfeeling snow.

Tears of pain ran down my face. Through the smoke, I saw at the door, but I could not hear or see anything on its other side.

I was drawn to the threshold like a drowning man obsessed with staying above the surface of an ocean. My skirts caught fire as I approached it, but the pain could not touch me anymore. I have longed for the threshold to appear for too many years.

I have dreamed about a door that burns for eternity but cannot be reduced to ashes. I have searched the woods for the door that appeared in my visions. One evening, I saw it through the castle window. I knew that it had come for me because all my life had been lived for this one moment.


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Disclaimer: The story is not based on any real persons or events. It is purely for your entertainment.


©Missy Wong

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