The Unseen- The Boss (Part 3)

“Time is an optical illusion- never quite as solid or strong as we think it is”

  • Jodi Picoult

“Voltaire, we should leave,” Ben said as he put the evidence back in the brief case.

“No,” Voltaire said quietly, taking off his glasses.

“Yes,” Drusilla said as she leaned into Voltaire. “Runaway, baby boy, you are a bug that I can step on if I wanted to, but you, dear, are a far too interesting bug to kill.”

Voltaire ran some calculations in his head over and over. His invisible hands rose up and wrapped their fingers over Drusilla’s windpipe. Ben dropped the case, and as he ran over to pull Voltaire away from her. Maria pulled out the hose and knocked Ben to the floor with a blast of cold water.

“Voltaire, what are you doing?” Ben sputtered as his friend’s fingers moved slowly around Drusilla’s neck. Then Voltaire snapped her neck, guaranteeing an instant kill. He let go of Drusilla who then reached up and fixed her broken neck with a smile. Voltaire flinched when she moved, but his curious hands returned to her neck to inspect her recovery. Ben thought Drusilla looked disappointed as Voltaire felt for her heartbeat.

“You’re not dead?” Voltaire said after he checked her pulse.

“Death is determined from birth, because people cannot will themselves to live forever,” Drusilla said smiling as she watched fear grow in Ben’s eyes. “The only certainly is that death will happen because it is the one determined point in every person’s life, darlings.”

“You are immortal?” Ben asked, examining Drusilla. “That should have killed you. From the look of your body, the state you’re in… you should be dead.”

“I am not immortal, dear. I just have lived a very long life.” Drusilla said as she slid off the desk and guided Voltaire over to her barely functioning wooden chair where she seated her body among the razor sharp pins.

“How has your life been?” Voltaire asked as he tried to hold Drusilla without being pricked. “I would like to hear about it because it must be interesting.”

“Years ago, people were smaller and hairier,” Drusilla said as she made herself comfortable in Voltaire’s tense embrace. “What is constant is that most people have no control over their unconsciousness. No one is ever free of their own minds or their past, my dear. Living creatures are also still not free agents, because once born; every free agent is bound by their mortality and the contracts they make within their society. What free will people have from their animal instincts is sacrificed for their needs. Humans are not free, my invisible friend.”

“Voltaire,” Ben said. “We have to go, now.”

“Wait,” Drusilla said as she placed her hands lightly on Voltaire’s neck. “My darlings, you have not heard my proposal yet. Please stay; I know something about plans going wrong, having been dismembered and sewn back together so many times. The best way to deal with a sticky situation would be to humor the one whose boot is on your neck, sweethearts.”

“Then please,” Voltaire said. “Skip the small talk.”

“Well,” Drusilla said innocently as she played gently with Voltaire’s pulse just below his transparent skin. “I just want to hire you darlings.”

“What?” Ben asked.

“My dear one,” Drusilla said as she gripped her fingers into Voltaire’s skin. “I want you to find people like us, and convince them to work for me, but first I need to test your skills. There is a little something I’d like you to steal for me from one of the most guarded art museums. Is that clear, darlings?”

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Disclaimer: This is an original story that is not based on any real people or events. It is a work of fiction that is purely for your entertainment.


©Missy Wong

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