The Unseen- Magic Show (Part 1)

“All gods are tricksters”

  • Janet Morris

“You know, it is good to be a God among men,” Jack announced as he walked on a makeshift stage next to the Genetrix city sign positioned by a water tower. He was the center of the show. Everyone could see him, and only him. The entire audience laughed, except for one man standing in the crowd, unseen by everyone around him.

“Yes, it is,” Voltaire whispered. He wandered through the crowd invisible, naked and holding his transparent cane. Even though he had memorized the carnival grounds and was fairly good at navigating crowds, he still collided with random dazed spectators. On this occasion, he accidentally knocked a man’s drink onto the head of a mixed race Chinese-Irish woman named Melissa who was sitting on the bench below. Voltaire smiled, knowing that no one would know what he did, when he heard the cry of shock.

Jack’s features were angular and boyish, though the elastic suit he was wearing made his body appear lanky. He stood on a circular wooden stage that was sturdy despite the strain it had taken over the years. The audience sat in a circle around the stage and fell silent as Jack raised his hand. Before everyone’s eyes, his skin slowly began to glow like an ember growing into a flame. Voltaire was the only one to notice the pained look on Jack’s face as his skin emitted light. His flesh and clothing were both strong and thin enough to withstand his transformation into a giant ball of bright flesh that was unable to move. The crowd cried with loving applause as they stood up and clapped.

As Jack was performing, no one noticed a woman climb on the plank above him. She was dressed as a female clown. Her face was decorated with cherry red triangles on her cheeks, and matching red lips. She wore puffy white sleeves, a red vest, short pants, and tights. Her hair was black and her eyes were glazed over with a hysterical madness. The woman jumped off the plank, flipped into the air and landed in front of Jack. The crowd gasped as she performed gymnastic routines around Jack’s candlestick like body.

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Disclaimer: This is an original story that is not based on any real people or events. It is a work of fiction that is purely for your entertainment.


©Missy Wong

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