The Unseen- Prudence (Part 7)

“True love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about and few have seen.”

  • Francois de La Rochefoucauld

“You have only a floating face,” Quinn said in amazement.

“I am an invisible man,” Voltaire said, reaching out to touch the rotating sand in the air with equal amazement. He quickly took control of himself and began to try to bargain with Quinn.

“My name is Voltaire. You have my full attention; what would you like? You must need supplies out here, and I can get them to you. I can bring out food from all over the world, if you’d like, or art. I can provide you with any original painting that you want; I can bring you jewels, gold, silver, books, a new life with a high paying job, and I can set you up with millions if you want… or maybe you want to relax. I can send you on vacations anywhere in the world, make-up, dresses… I can get you servants. Any pleasure that you want, I will fulfill. Just tell me how I can be useful to you.”

“Undress,” Quinn ordered. “Quinn wants to see you, invisible man.”

“You want me to undress?” Voltaire asked nervously. “Are you going to kill me if I refuse?”

“Quinn spoke evil,” Quinn apologised. “Quinn promises not kill you… if you say no. Invisible man can say no. She will let you go no matter what you choose.”

“I want to show you then,” Voltaire said. “I want you to see.”

Voltaire had been naked before, but it had always been to become completely invisible. Quinn wanted him to undress so she could see him. He was hesitant about undressing; despite having walked around the city streets naked. As he slowly unbuttoned his coat, he could feel his pulse racing. Quinn let out a hum of approval when he revealed his transparent torso and used his coat to clean off his makeup. The sand moved closer to his body, just to test if he was still there.

Quinn was suddenly worried that Voltaire was disappearing and leaving her alone again. The sand burned the sensitive parts of his skin, but Voltaire did not care as he continued to undress. Suddenly, something in Quinn broke. She wanted this man, who was so much like her, to focus on her and her alone. As Voltaire removed his shoes, she grabbed his face with hardened sand and made his sightless eyes look up into the storm. Voltaire pulled off his socks and let the sand take him in.

Quinn lifted up the form of a man who she could not see. Voltaire laughed as he rolled in the sand that held him up in the air. A massive thrill ran though Voltaire as Quinn gave him the illusion of flying through the air.

“You are amazing,” Voltaire said with almost childlike joy.

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Disclaimer: This is an original story that is not based on any real people or events. It is a work of fiction that is purely for your entertainment.


©Missy Wong

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