The Unseen- Prudence (Part 11)

“Look after my heart – I’ve left it with you.”

  • Stephenie Meyer

Voltaire lost track of time. He was there for days before he returned to the town of Successio in one of Quinn’s coats and using a hand-made walking stick as a cane. Upon his return, Voltaire discovered that Justin had tried to cover up his supposed death by taking and selling his things from the hotel. In kind, Voltaire stole some of Justin’s clothing and settled in his office before Justin returned later that day.

“Hello, Mr. Stone,” Voltaire said. “I believe that you didn’t take care of my bags like you were supposed to do.”

“Voltaire…” Justin gasped. “You’re alive!”

“Yes,” Voltaire said. “I will keep quiet about your little theft and how you left me to die in the desert as long as you buy my things back for me and let me have my hotel room as long as I want it. I already have my room’s key.”

Voltaire left Justin standing in the center of his office. As he walked upstairs, Voltaire broke the first step by kicking it on his way up the stairs. He walked down the hall and unlocked the door. He locked the door behind him as he felt around the room until he found the hotel phone and called Ben.

“Miss me, Ben?”

“Voltaire, where were you?” Ben yelled. “We haven’t heard from you in days!”

“I found a home, Ben,” Voltaire said. “I also found the woman I want to marry.”

“In twelve days?”

“I want to marry her.”

“Who is this woman?”


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Disclaimer: This is an original story that is not based on any real people or events. It is a work of fiction that is purely for your entertainment.


©Missy Wong

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