The Unseen- Puppet Show (Part 3)

“We’re all puppets, Laurie. I’m just a puppet who can see the strings.”

  • Alan Moore

“Tell me you did not kill that man,” Kelly said.

“No,” Voltaire said. “A man with the ability to fly did. I didn’t really need the computer chip, as I probably know more about him now than the officials.”

“You cannot see a stop sign, much less a man fly,” said Kelly. “How do you know he actually can fly little one?”

“He would not have killed his friend if it wasn’t true,” said Voltaire as he held the computer chip out to Kelly. “There have also been reports of it in the army. He wanted his friend’s to help steal the evidence. Call Croft and Ben. Oh, and tell Croft to bring Petra. I need help finding and recruiting him.”

“What’s this guy’s name?” Kelly asked, putting the chip into a decoding device.

“I don’t know his name or what he looks like.” Voltaire said as he made his puppet smile. “I’m glad; it will give me something fun to do, while we wait.”

“You are blind and you don’t know this guy’s name. How are you going to find him?” Kelly asked as the device beeped and she mumbled “we cannot decode the chip.”

“I already know the only four things I need to know.” Voltaire said, standing up the dead soldier. “The flying man loves his job; he has a sense of honor, and separates his private life from his job. I also know what his voice sounds like so I can easily recognize it. Tell the others to get here while I go and cover up his murder.”

“Why are you protecting a supposedly honorable murderer?” Kelly asked as she looked away from Voltaire’s grotesque puppet show.

“All good soldiers are honorable murderers.” Voltaire said “I consider myself to be a solider. Besides, the flying man is no good to me in prison.”

“I disagree with your definition of a soldier,” Kelly said. “You do really make me question humanity.”

Kelly stood up and got into the car where she had left her phone. Voltaire picked up his human puppet, removed the dead man’s wedding ring, and made it wave goodbye to Kelly before he walked the corpse down the street.

Kelly called Ben first. He answered after the first ring.

“What has Voltaire done now?” Ben asked when he broke the silence.

“He is covering up a murder of a soldier to protect a man who can fly,” said Kelly.

“Murder again? I hate this… I hate this… He is always covering up murders and it never seems to affect him. Does he even care that people are dying?”

“He needs you, Ben. He needs you to find this guy and recruit him.”

“He needs a murderer to catch a murderer. Fine, I will be there.”

“Genetrix City Military Base, I will be in Voltaire’s car that is parked in the public access parking lot. Now I have to call Croft.”

“I’ll be there,” Ben said before he hung up.

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Disclaimer: This is an original story that is not based on any real people or events. It is a work of fiction that is purely for your entertainment.


©Missy Wong

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