The Unseen- Puppet Show (Part 9)

“What if a puppet could cut its own strings, and in that act of defiance and strength of will become truly alive? Become its own puppet master?”

  • Barry Lyga

“You just killed a friend.” Croft said “Are you really ready for more?”

“You became the enemy when you came in here to con me!” Fable yelled, pointing the gun at Croft.

“Is it honorable in the military to punish civilian liars with death?” Croft asked. “Does that punishment fit the crime, you hypocrite?”

Fable swallowed and looked down at the pistol before he said “I was never afraid of punishment. It was just that I cannot fight for my country behind bars. Get out. I’ll face the only punishment that I can bare as a traitor.”

“Fable…” Voltaire said when he heard the soldier’s voice break.

“Don’t provoke him,” Kelly said as she protectively reached out towards Voltaire’s voice. Once she grabbed his wrist, she pulled him out of Fable’s firing range. “He won’t want to talk to us anymore. He’ll shoot us first. However, Croft went off script and she told him the truth so he is going to trust her more than you, little one.”

Voltaire thought about this before obeying Kelly with silent admiration as he allowed her to lead him to safety.

“You were close to him.” Croft continued as she sized up Fable. “You told him your secret didn’t you?”

“Yes…” Fable said as he put the gun to his head. “I trusted him. I really…”

“What if you can trust us like you could never trust him?” Croft said “What if we told you our secrets. That way no one can expose the others, without also being exposed. You can keep fighting for your cause by becoming one of us.”

Fable lowered the gun and looked up at Croft carefully. Croft maintained eye contact with him as she kicked the gun from Fable’s hand at an abnormal speed with her armored boots sending it crashing into the ceiling and falling to the ground where if folded in on itself like tin foil. Fable nodded with wide eyes as he said “that would change everything.”

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Disclaimer: This is an original story that is not based on any real people or events. It is a work of fiction that is purely for your entertainment.


©Missy Wong

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