The Unseen- Break In (Part 2)

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

  • Marcel Proust

Voltaire placed the cell phone on its spot atop the table next to the radio. He stood up and followed the mat on the floor that led to his closet. Voltaire opened the doors and took out his transparent suit. The suit gave Voltaire the appearance of a ghost. He put the suit on and took both if his clear foot pads and plastic gloves out of the top compartment. Voltaire put the pads onto his feet and slipped on his gloves before he walked to the back door and left the Gentleman’s Hotel where he was staying.

Voltaire liked small places that he could learn inside and out because he did not need to use his cane to move around in these areas. In the back parking lot was his car and driver. Kelly met Voltaire at the doorstep and guided him to the car. As Kelly was helping Voltaire into the car, he asked “did Ben send you the location?”

“Yes little one,” said Kelly as she put away her cell phone. “He also said I should just take the money and spend my last days on a tropical beach.”

“Did he also tell you what I did to the last driver who did that?” Voltaire asked as Kelly turned on the engine.

“No,” Kelly said coldly “did you throw him in a ditch with the other guy’s body?”

“So Tale’s body has been found,” Voltaire said “was it on the news?”

“Yes,” Kelly said angrily “your blatant disrespect for the dead was on every headline. That famous reporter, Miss Valise, is the one who broke the story.”

“As my temporary eyes what did you think of my work on the silver screen?” Voltaire asked smiling to himself.

“I think that I am not inviting you to my funeral.” Kelly said “I don’t find your sense of humor towards death that funny.”

“Too bad,” Voltaire said “I would have made you rise from the dead.”

“I am not your puppet,” Kelly said. “Forget temporary eyes, I am practically your temporary mother. Now be a good boy and be quiet.”

Voltaire did not answer. He did as he was told and was quiet under Kelly’s harsh motherly eyes for the rest of the drive. When their car arrived at the security building, Kelly parked in an alley away from prying eyes. She got out and polished the tinted windows until she was sure no one was watching, and then she opened the door and led Voltaire to the fire escape.

“Stay here,” said Voltaire before he began to feel his way up the stairs, pausing to test each window.

“Gladly little one,” Kelly said sarcastically. “Just promise me you’ll still pay me if this does not work out. By the way, I do like the design for this building. It’s modeled after the French Renaissance castles. It’s practically an imitation of the French castle of love; see how part of the building has been built in the water using arches like a bridge? The reflection in the water is beautiful, even if the Amare River is polluted.”

“No, I cannot see it,” Voltaire said as he leaned over the railing of the fire escape. “But I have you to see for me, for now anyways.”

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Disclaimer: This is an original story that is not based on any real people or events. It is a work of fiction that is purely for your entertainment.


©Missy Wong

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