The Unseen- Break In (Part 3)

“Character is doing the right thing when nobody is looking.”

  • J.C. Watts

At the ground level, Voltaire knelt before the window and touched the glass. He could feel the cold surface through the plastic of his gloves. It was a cold night, so he felt sure that his breath was visible in the cold. He felt along the pane of the glass the best he could with the plastic of his gloves, until he discovered a metal box that was colder than the rest of the frame.

Voltaire pulled off his gloves, with his teeth, and placed them on the window still. He should have had the magnet in position before he searched for the alarms… sloppy, sloppy. He was lucky the alarm did not go off when he touched it. Voltaire reached into his mouth and found his wisdom teeth with his fingers. His mouth was large enough he did not have to get those teeth removed. In cases like this, they were useful.

Hooked his finger on a piece of floss that he had tied around one of his wisdom teeth, Voltaire pulled it out of his mouth forcing a small, round transparent container up his throat and into his mouth. He took the container and opened it. First, he pulled out a clear magnet that he placed on the alarm box, than he pulled out a tiny pin, a small metal stick, and a device called a worm drive made of clear plastic that Kelly had constructed.

Placing the container back in his mouth, Voltaire put the magnet on the alarm before turning his attention to the lock. He placed the pin in the lock and the stick above the pin. He felt the lever inside the lock and shifted it until the lock opened. Once that was done, Voltaire put the pin and sticks back in the container and then swallowed everything once again.

Voltaire put on his gloves, opened the window, and climbed inside. No alarms went off. The building was cold despite the suit he was wearing. He turned back to close the window. He pressed a gloved hand to the wall and wished he had his cane. A regular cane would not do, so he had to wait for another special cane to be produced for him. Custom made canes were expensive and took a long time to make. The crystal it was made from could not reflect light like glass or be noticed on first glance like plastic. The cost was a problem and so was the time it took to make such a specific cane.

Voltaire felt his way around the room, careful not to let his body touch the walls or furniture. He used his other hand and feet to feel what was before him. He found the door before he bumped into anything else. It was locked.

Voltaire considered what to do. The building was six stories high and every room except for this specific office was monitored by cameras. He examined the door; it was made of a thick metal and placed directly in the wall. Voltaire guessed that the metal was titanium. This girl tapes everything she does, why does she have maximum security doors? He thought to himself. As he knelt in front of the door’s lock, he heard footsteps in the hallway outside the office.

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Disclaimer: This is an original story that is not based on any real people or events. It is a work of fiction that is purely for your entertainment.


©Missy Wong

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