The Unseen- Break In (Part 4)

“The tongue may hide the truth but the eyes— never!

  • Mikhail Bulgakov

What are people doing here this late? Voltaire rolled on the carpet into the large wooden desk and once he hit the desk with his back, he crawled around it. Once he was hidden by the desk, Voltaire removed his clothing and placed it in the hollow underneath of the desk. The cloth was so thin that no one would see it at first glance. In only his clear foot pads, Voltaire was completely invisible to the two people who entered the office.

Voltaire heard the sound of papers being moved, and followed their voices into the office’s private elevator. He heard the elevator door close behind him and he nervously stayed close to it because he was trapped in a small space with two people. Voltaire focused on the conversation between the man and the woman to ease his nerves.

“My department is concerned about your workers.” The woman said in an authoritative voice. She sounded like a cop.

“As am I,” the man replied in a hypnotically beautiful voice. “However, our workers have to do a very dangerous job in order to keep the city safe. It is dangerous work and I am doing my best to make the world a better place. My people share my vision for a better world.”

“You don’t share hospital bills.” The woman said as the elevator door opened. Voltaire backed out of the elevator as fast as he could, but the man walked out of the elevator door too quickly. Voltaire felt his business suit brush against his arm before he quickly found the wall with the tips of his fingers and headed up the hall with the knuckles of his hand firmly on the wall that guided him away from the apparent owner of the one private office in this building.

“I make sure that my workers have the best protection that we can afford to give them.” The man said very slowly “the city is not a safe place. We are just trying to make it a bit safer. You and I should be friends because we want the same thing. We both just want to help people.”

“Are you reading this off a card, Hubby?” The woman said as the building’s front door opened and Voltaire realized they might be in the main lobby on the first floor.

“I am as sincere as I will be at the meeting tomorrow.” The man, Hubby, said as Voltaire found an office door and felt the room number on the door, which confirmed he was indeed on the first floor and that room ten was not far away.

“Hope so, see you then.” The woman said and there was the sound of a door closing. Confident his gamble to follow the voices had paid off; Voltaire prepared to find room ten by following the wall and using the backs of his hands to determine the door number. It would be slow, but he had memorized the building’s layout so he was confident he could find the right room.

“I know when I am being followed so you better just come out.” Hubby’s voice rang out through the empty lobby into the hallway. Voltaire froze for a second before he realized that this business man couldn’t be talking to him. This man couldn’t have known he even existed.

“You work for Drusilla don’t you?” Hubby asked and Voltaire let out a tiny gasp.

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Disclaimer: This is an original story that is not based on any real people or events. It is a work of fiction that is purely for your entertainment.


©Missy Wong

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