The Unseen- Broken Bonds (Part 3)

“Common sense is not so common.”

  • Voltaire

Kelly asked if Voltaire was alright, but got no reply. She sat next to him. She asked again but he did not respond. She reached out to him with kind eyes and placed her hand on the back of his neck protectively. Voltaire jerked away like he had been burned.

“Don’t do that!” Voltaire yelled at her. “Just drive me home and talk about architecture or whatever you normally talk about!”

“Alright,” Kelly said and she got out of the back seat before closing the door. She glanced over at the restaurant nearby, but luckily it was empty. Kelly took a moment to admire the waterfall in the restaurant before getting back in the car.

Once in the driver’s seat, Kelly drove through the city and began to describe what she was seeing to Voltaire.

“Genetrix City has a long history.” Kelly said “it was first built around a lake that was created by the Amare River that ran from the Offing Ocean. This is known as the Cynosure Lake and a town grew around it that called itself Genetrix. It was named after the moon because during a certain day, she appeared to be directly over the lake.

“Over time the city came under the control of two rival families,” Kelly added. “It was this rivalry that would define the city’s architecture. One known as the Clavel family built a French castle that was unfit for the environment, so no one could live in it until the castle was altered, but that started the architecture war with the Duvall family. Historians would joke that it was the castle of love that began a century long architecture war.”

Voltaire remained quiet and aloof, when they left the city. He was driven home in silence. When they arrived at the hotel, Voltaire did not get out. Kelly grabbed her bottle of water before she got out of the car and opened the door for him.

“We are here,” Kelly said softly as she offered Voltaire the bottle.

“Right,” Voltaire said as she pressed the water into his hand. He could hear the water shaking as he held the bottle and embarrassment flooded through him. Voltaire wanted to be completely invisible, but the water was giving him away. That was the trigger. He let a whimper slip though his lips and then his shoulders began to shake to his mortification.

“Hush little one,” Kelly said as she caught him when he stumbled out of the car. The water hit the ground. He sobbed into her shoulder as she held him like her own child until he finally stopped crying.

“Go,” Voltaire whispered once he had regained his self-control. He pushed her away and said “you’re fired.”

“Voltaire,” Kelly said in a motherly voice.

“Take the car and go!” Voltaire yelled as he ran in the direction of the hotel. However, he could not find the door and slipped on the wet ground. Kelly kindly tried to help him get inside, but Voltaire screamed and lashed out at her.

“I love Quinn not you! Why are you doing this?”

“What did I do to upset you? Voltaire, speak to me.” Kelly said in a maternal voice that was tainted by her confusion.

Voltaire refused to listen. He continued to strike out at a perplexed Kelly even as she continued to try to assist him. Eventually, Kelly was forced to reluctantly leave him sobbing on the wet ground. That event made it impossible for Voltaire to employ her afterwards.

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Disclaimer: This is an original story that is not based on any real people or events. It is a work of fiction that is purely for your entertainment.


©Missy Wong

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