The Unseen- Night Lights (Part 6)


Kelly used her cell phone’s light to make her way to the kitchen where she found Mallory and Gabe hugging. She smiled at the adorable sight before her cell phone died.

“Are they badly hurt or are they D. E. A. D.?” Mallory asked her as he lit up the room with his cell phone.

“Shot the guns out of their hands.” Kelly said shrugging. “I did not want to ruin the place with bullets, even if they were rubber. The people renting this hole after us are pretty nice so I dropped my gun and beat them up until they had enough. Anyways, let’s take Gabe to bed.”

Kelly and Mallory took Gabe to his bedroom and tucked him into bed. Gabe made his parents find his flashlight when he realized that his nightlight could not protect him from the darkness. They found his yellow flashlight under a stuffed bear. After Gabe had gotten his flashlight to light up his room and he had finished his water he then asked for a bedtime story.

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Disclaimer: This is an original story that is not based on any real people or events. It is a work of fiction that is purely for your entertainment.


©Missy Wong

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