The Unseen- Room 101 (Part 4)

Voltaire stood up, shaking on his ruined feet, using the wall as support, and listened. He heard nothing as he staggered towards the place where his cane was supposed to be, but all he found was broken glass.

“Who are you?” Voltaire yelled. He was feeling around on the floor with vivid terror. “How do you know about that? Who told you? …”

No one answered him. Voltaire found the lamp. He ripped the cord out of the wall and hurled it at the place where he thought the intruder would be standing. The lamp crashed. Voltaire thought he heard a voice. Grabbing the coffee table, he pushed the table and everything on it across the room, smashing into the wall.

“Come out! Ethereal…” Voltaire screamed as he flipping the bed over. He stumbled into a chair that he grabbed and swung it around the room, in circles, trying to find the perpetrator. Voltaire broke down the bathroom door. He began to look for the person here with him. They were taunting him. They were laughing at him. They were here. They knew he could not see anymore. That he was blind now. That he was invisible now.

Suddenly, the door slammed open and a voice asked: “What are you doing?”

“I am not losing…”

Voltaire ran at the voice and he tackled the man to the floor in the hall. A punch landed on Voltaire’s jaw as he kicked at the person, screaming at him.

“My god, your body…”

“I am not losing.”

“What are you?”

“Stop it… I am not losing her!” Voltaire screamed when he smelled the intruder’s cologne. A sudden blow silenced him, but Voltaire rolled with the throw and fought back. In Voltaire’s mind, he saw Quinn and he imagined he was fighting her. He also saw half of Ben’s face with that hard jaw. He saw Kelly’s ears that were small and smooth. Voltaire lunged at the image in his mind and wrapped his hands around his love. He would not release her.

“I am not losing her.”

“Stop,” the man said.

As Voltaire strangled the man with his hands, the screaming stopped. Everything was finally quiet.

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Disclaimer: This is an original story that is not based on any real people or events. It is a work of fiction that is purely to acknowledge and develop the character of Voltaire’s complex-emotions and motivation.


©Missy Wong

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