The Unseen- The Ghost (Part 3)

“Ghosts are real.”

  • Natsuhiko Kyogoku

Fable’s one story high house was grey with one large front window facing the street. His door was white and the mailbox by the door was black. His house was under the shadow of a large pine tree that from the street hid half of the house. The garden’s flowers had been weeded out and replaced by perfectly mowed grass. Everything was clean and in order within his white picket fence.

After locking his car, Fable walked up the stone path to his door. He unlocked the door and entered his home. Fable’s house was cleaned daily, he kept everything labeled and in careful order.

Since he had killed Tale, he found himself cleaning five times a day just to keep busy. In every room, Fable displayed his guns on the walls, normally next to pictures of him and his friends dressed in military attire. All the rooms were grey. Most of the objects in his house were either black or white.

Fable did not bother eating, instead he want to his bedroom and locked its door. Fable’s room was not like the rest of his house. He slept on a double bed with soft, white sheets, and sky blue walls. In the corner was a small window looking out at the tiny garden he kept in his little backyard.

In the mornings, he would open the window and water his plants through the secret window. Fable did not clean his bedroom as much as he cleaned the rest of his house. He had several vases of tulips in his room that had their fallen petals sprinkled on his lavender carpet, but he did not care.

In his house, this was the only room that had a high ceiling. Fable flew into the air, once he had carefully locked the door. He flew freely in circles around his bedroom’s ceiling. It was the only place where he could safely fly. In the air, he cried quietly because he knew that no one could see him and this was the only time that he ever would be able to truly mourn the dead.

In war, he had killed so many people that he had believed death had lost all meaning on him. Arrogantly, he had almost believed he could control death. Once he was finished crying, he landed and walked to his bedroom window to water his flowers. Fable opened the window and leaned out to see a figure in his backyard…

Fable cried out when he saw Tale’s dead eyes staring back at him.

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Disclaimer: This is an original story that is not based on any real people or events. It is a work of fiction that is purely for your entertainment.


©Missy Wong

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