The Unseen- The Ghost (Part 4)

“The ghost you chase you never catch.”

  • John Malkovich

Jumping back into his room, Fable looked for a gun. Then he realized this was the one room in his house that did not have a gun. Fable cursed quietly and turned back to the window, but Tale he couldn’t see Tale outside anymore. Fable ran out to the door. He grabbed the handle, but it would not open. Fable fumbled for his keys until he finally opened the door and ran out into the backyard.

Fable stood in his backyard as the sun was suffocated by night. He walked out in the dark, soaking his feet on the damp grass. He then stepped on something damp and hard that cracked under his foot. Fable cried out and fell backwards. He sat up and saw a Valentine’s Day candy box on the ground. He leaned over and opened up the heart box that he had given Tale years before and they had laughed about it in the bar where they met, long before they had seen real warfare. Inside was a note in Tale’s handwriting.

Hello Murderer… I miss you. Come for me in our place… please. I will only be there tonight. We have to settle this.

He lifted the note. Under the note was a single mint chocolate in the shape of a heart. Fable sat there wondering what to do. He picked up the chocolate and bit into the outer shell, and sucked out the chocolate from the mint. He was in a world where he could fly, men could turn invisible, and women were immortal. Fable had never considered what to do if Tale had returned from the dead. It seemed impossible, but he was proof of the impossible. Fable dropped the mint on the ground and began to shake.

Had Tale had come back from the dead?

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Disclaimer: This is an original story that is not based on any real people or events. It is a work of fiction that is purely for your entertainment.


©Missy Wong

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